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4 things to look for when you’re proofreading

Posted May 29, 2020


1. Divide the text into individual sentences

In order to read every sentence carefully, it’s advisable to use the technique of when every line begins a new sentence. If working with a printed copy, in order to isolate the lines of the sentence try using an opaque object (e.g. a ruler or a piece of paper).

2. Develop larger aspects of sentences

Before starting to make corrections at a sentence level, it is important to work on the overall focus of the paper first and make the changes regarding the structure, organization, if required. Examining the overall construction of the paragraph, it’s highly recommended to prioritize looking at the sentences which significantly lacks length or sufficient supporting information. the length and the main topic of the sentence.

3. Check the tense and formats of the sentences

Depending on the narrative style of one’s paper, verb tense should be in the following format:

4. Reduce unnecessary words

Before looking for mistakes, it is advisable to edit paper by eliminating unnecessary words so it looks clear, concise, and direct.

Bonus tip: Examine the list of references

Last, but not least part before proofreading is to review the sources in the paper and check whether they are cited in the bibliography correctly.

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