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Should you become a proofreader?


Posted May 29, 2020


What skills does proofreader need to have?

As observed before, the proofreader’s role is to act as a fresh pair of eyes and spot the mistakes, if missed any. Attentiveness to details, ability to focus mentally, knowledge of the language, spelling, and grammar – these are the most important skills required from the proofreader. Despite the technical knowledge of the language, well-suited proofreaders most likely have an absolute passion for spotting the errors and correcting, where the ability to adapt to any given style is required. Furthermore, such personal skills as being critical and scrupulous works as a charming benefit and are professionally well accepted in the scientific community.

What are the requirements for proofreader?

Whether thinking of becoming a proofreader or hiring one, one should know the requirements in order to tell the difference between average and professional proofreader.

Lessons that many proofreaders learn trough the process

After the process of proofreading process is finished, many proofreaders face the conclusions of their own professional improvement. Here are the lessons that learned after proofreading:

What are pros & cons of proofreader job?




Should the author proofread his own work?

Generally, it‘s not advised to rely exclusively only on one’s proofreading skills. The more heavily involved in the process of document creation the author was, the greater the probability to miss mistakes appears. Quality proofreading requires a „fresh set of eyes“ and authors are not always capable enough to identify all mistakes in a document due to the familiarization with the content before. Furthermore, due to the proofreader’s advanced knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and spelling, inviting additional help can add value to written content and make it even better than would have been achieved by the author by himself.

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