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What is proofreading and why it matters?


Posted May 28, 2020


Proofreading is the review of final draft

What is proofreading? At a conceptual level, proofreading can be described as a review of a final draft before it’s published. Known as the very last step in the writing process, proofreading involves identifying and correcting the typographical mistakes in sentence structure, capitalization, spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, and formatting. Concerning itself with the surface aspects of language, the proofreading process ensures consistency and accuracy of the author’s text and helps to scrutinize the written content. Proofreading is the fundamental part of the revision process and its main objective is to ensure that the written document is perfect in terms of vocabulary and grammar.

Proofreading purpose - examine written content carefully

Before uploading the manuscript to book retailers and aggregators, it’s important to proofread the text carefully. When authors get too familiar with the text, it becomes a tendency to dismiss the value to skip over minor surface language errors that otherwise would be recognized immediately. Regardless of how well the author writes, the assistance of the proofreader becomes necessary in terms of reviewing the text with the new eyes. At its most basic, proofreader gives a final check to the manuscript so it is error-free upon publication.  Therefore, after the document is proofread, it is free of errors, polished to a high standard and ready to be published.

Why proofreading is important?

Being an important part of the revision, the proofreading process helps to eliminate most obvious surface errors in language and thus makes written content faster and easier to read. Contrariwise, if the text contains full of language errors, the reader’s concentration is focused on just trying to understand the words rather than the concept and it can create a frustrating reading experience, which could lead to increasing the complications of the reading process. As we can see, proofreading is more than just a part of getting a piece of writing to be accepted – it’s about communicating written ideas clearly and correctly in order to give your readers a positive experience.

Types of documents to proofread

Considering the importance of well-written materials, almost any written content could be served with proofreading services.

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