AKIS for Book Indexing

Increase Book Indexing Processes with AKIS

Your impact as the head of publishing processes for an academic book or journal profile, reputation, and content quality is inconvertible. Either represented by a small or large scholarly press, the book production quality is related to the indexing process management, which requires experience, effort, and time.

Meet AKIS – book indexing tool for the primary book index generation in LaTeX files. AKIS is a cost-effective, user-friendly, convenient, time-saving book indexing tool, that increases the efficiency of the book production process.

How can Publisher benefit from AKIS?

Time-saving process workflow

AKIS book indexing tool allows indexers to increase the speed and efficiency of the indexing process. The true intent of the AKIS tool is to assist the indexer, but not to replace one. Best practice shows that great results are achieved when the indexer uses AKIS skilfully. According to our evaluation, when the AKIS tool is used the time for indexing is reduced by 4 times!

Reduced production costs with better quality assurance

The index is an important part of a book, and its quality impacts the reader’s satisfaction. While the book indexing requires time and experience, the automation brought by the AKIS book indexing tool assists to manage valuable editor time.

Publishers seek to publish books expeditiously with high-quality standards. When the book index is being created, the AKIS tool helps to avoid human-eye mistakes and discovers new keywords. Spend less time on book production and increase authors’ satisfaction!

VTeX – Your partner in science publishing

At VTeX, we help to spread innovation in the field of publishing over the scientific community as well as provide technical assistance and tools for disseminating scientific knowledge. Our vision is to become leading service providers in STM publishing fields with the highest service quality assurance.

Within years of experience, we are aware of the challenges that publishers face and are ready to help. If interested in the improvement of journal or book publishing processes, contact us and we will offer the best solution according to your requirements.


What is AKIS book indexing tool used for?

AKIS – an online tool – is created to improve the quality of the book index. AKIS is used by academic publishers, who create a book index. If you are interested in trying AKIS in indexing processes, contact us and we will be happy to provide all the necessary information.

In what language does the AKIS tool work?

AKIS book indexing tool works in English. Contact us for your inquiry and we will provide you a presentation on how this tool works.

Which type of files can be uploaded to the AKIS tool?

We are delighted to inform you that the AKIS book indexing tool supports files that are in LaTeX language. If you would like to get information, please contact us and we will provide you with further information.

How can I order the AKIS indexing service?

We are happy to inform you that it is possible to order our services directly from our website by filling up the contact form. Contact us and our experts will deliver all the necessary information based on your needs.

Can I schedule a live demo?

Yes, it is possible to schedule a live demo version review. Contact us for your inquiry and we will provide you a presentation on how this tool works.

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